MACO INCORPORATED offers an "AISC inclusive of the "Complex Coatings Endorsement" and ISO9001:2015". Our 107,000 sq. ft. of plant space is equipped with state-of-the-art computer-driven steel fabrication processes. MACO INCORPORATED offers a turnkey structural package that includes design and detailing, fabrication and erection.

The advantage to our customers is that MACO INCORPORATED maintains a high degree of quality control throughout the entire process.



MACO INCORPORATED has recognized the advantages of Design-Build trends in the construction industry and is prepared and structured to offer public and private owners these advantages. Design-Build projects enable the owner, design engineers, and contractor to operate under a single contract allowing the most workable, economical, effective approach to a project. Potential problems can be exposed and solved initially, eliminating project delays, cost overruns, poor quality workmanship and costly litigation. MACO INCORPORATED provides expert design and detailing services.

Structural Steel Components

Structural steel components are moved directly from the Cut and Drill operation into the Fabrication area. Here components are fitted and welded according to customer specifications. MACO Incorporated utilizes up to 32 welding stations. Our AWS-certified welders are proficient in MIG, Stick, and Flux Core, as well as special alloys such as Hastalloy and Inconel while adhering to strict re-certification schedules.


This “ Royal Forklift “ with 40,000 Lb. Capacity

Adding this forklift to our material handling fleet allows us to "live-load" and unload receiving products quickly, feed production equipment, and prepare delivered products, as well as efficiently handle the larger steel shapes.


AISC Certified Packages

MACO INCORPORATED provides a complete AISC certified package inclusive of detailed “Shop" drawings, fabrication, in-process inspection, delivery, and installation services.

MACO INCORPORATED's Beam Line Facility was designed and built specifically to efficiently fabricate structural steel and structural steel components.

Meeting Customer Demands

MACO Incorporated frequently has customer requirements for specific surface preparations. Cleaning and surface preparation can require a simple wipe down to a full blast and will be in accordance with SSPC project specifications and paint manufacturer recommendations. The MACO Wheelabration system provides for SSPC-SP5, SSPC-SP6, SSPC-SP7, and SSPC-SP10. Our quality control will randomly inspect at intervals to assure quality.



MACO INCORPORATED's beam line facility is designed and equipped specifically to fabricate structural steel components efficiently. The Voortman sawing machine consists only of high-quality components minimizing wear and improving the saw's performance. Coupled with Voortman drilling machine featuring high capabilities to cope with a wide array of profile sizes and processes. The drilling unit is suitable for carbide (tip) drilling, milling, thread tapping, counter sinking, layout marking, and center point marking.


PAINTING - AISC Certification (Complex Coating)

MACO Incorporated is accredited with the AISC Certification for "Complex Coating". With the variety of industries we serve, a multitude of coatings and specifications must be satisfied. If requirements call for a general shop primer, acrylic universal primer, polyurethane primer, or a zinc-rich primer, appropriate mils will be applied per specification. Mid and topcoats required are also specific to your need, enamels, epoxy, resins, and urethanes along with other coatings ranging from single to multiple parts and coats.

As with any paint specification, optimum conditions must exist. Relative humidity, ambient temperature, and surface temperature are recorded on a "Daily Paint Bay Log " when the painting is being performed. Dew points are also checked when required by contract specification.


MACO INCORPORATED recruits and employs true craftsmen whose skills, knowledge and passion ensure that your Structural Steel package will be installed in a timely and professional manner. Delays which occur due to conflicts between other fabricators and installers are eliminated.



MACO INCORPORATED understands that attention to detail is key and has adopted the policy of receiving and identifying materials in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, AISC and ASME standards. All Materials used in the production process are identified, recorded and maintained in a master file along with test reports, manufacturers test reports and certificates of compliance.